Woodturning Supplies, Services, and Tools
Laser Engraving on pens is available
at a cost of $3.
50 per line.  For ten or
more pens, the cost is $2.
50 per line.  I
will return your pens via
priority mail at a cost of $5.00
or first
class for $3
In addition to text, I can engrave logos,
photos, and clipart.  I can also engrave
on other turnings and flatwork projects.
 Please contact me for a quote or for
additional information.
Laser Engraving
Please include the text to be engraved
and any special instructions,
including font name,  with your pens.

Please securely pack your items and
ship them to:

Stan Cook
Mestari Designs
225 Stewart Lane
Mason WV 25260
Black Pen Boxes
One line of engraving is included in the price.
$3.25 each for 1-9
$3.10 each for 10-19
$2.95 each for 20-29
$2.75 each for 30-49
$2.50 each for 50-74
$2.25 each for 75 or more
This incredible tool is ideal for hogging away large amounts
of wood in a very short period of time.  Below is a statement
from the maker of the SKOGGER, Mr. Peter Cribari.

The tool is plated and overall length is 6" long and machined
from a solid 3/4" bar. The round bar portion is 2.5" long and
this is where the self turned wood handle is to be inserted.
The cutter(4 sided) is a 15mm carbide insert that requires no
sharpening. It is treated as a disposable cutter and will last a
long, long time.
Please contact me for details on
purchasing this fine tool.

I can also provide a custom made
handle with engraving.
Rope style spiral blanks.  Choose from african blackwood, bocote
(pictured left), bolivian rosewood (pictured as completed pen), bubinga,
cocobolo, kingwood, or olivewood.  Available for the sierra (and its various
counterparts), the baron, jr gent (and variants), and gent (full size).  

Single barrel (sierra) $15

Two barrel pens $22

You will need to turn the ends down to the desired size, sand, and finish
the blank.  Pen kit not included.
Stripes inlay kits.  Choose from full length stripes or encapsulated
stripes.  You will receive a rounded blank with eight grooves to receive
the included stripes.  Glue the stripes into place, turn, sand, and finish
the blanks.  Full length stripes blanks will also need to be re-squared
after gluing in the stripes.  Blanks for the El Grande family feature nine
stripes instead of eight because of their triple lead threads.  

Single barrel $15

Two barrel pens $22
Wood Species
Wood Species
Stripes Style
Barrel/Stripes Combination
Pen & Stripes Style
Barrel/Stripes Combination
More spirals L-R 1&2)Blue dyed box elder burl (stabilized)     3-5)Box elder burl
(stabilized)     6) African blackwood half sapwood     7)Bolivian rosewood     
8)Bethlehem Olivewood     9&10)Afzelia (stabilized)     11&12)Spalted afzelia sapwood
(stabilized)     13)Buckeye burl (stabilized     14&15)Russian Olive burl (stabilized)